Day 1 (Prologue): What is to be, shall soon come to pass [Part A]

On the first day of the sixth month, Elohi, two adventurers were traveling through the arid dunes of the Set’sun desert. Each step brought them closer to the end of a long and arduous journey.

One would expect that the two travelers would be delighted, for they approached their destination, The Desert’s Gem: Aquelia.

That would be a righteous assumption because the journey to Aquelia from any of the surrounding kingdoms would require at least a week of travel, assuming that the travelers would be moving through the Set’sun desert with the assistance of a sand glider and there were no interruptions on the way there. On average, the trip would take approximately three weeks due to the number of raiders seeking fortunes to plunder, or the various desert predators looking for the next prey, such as the giant sand wurm.

The two travelers had arrived after only a three day walk through the hazardous dunes. “How would they accomplish such a journey?” one might ask and no one would be able to give an answer because the two adventurers were mages, and mages worked in mysterious ways.

Mages are unique persons, gifted with the ability to manipulate elements that they are attuned with. There are four physical elements and two karmic elements.

The four physical elements are fire, water, earth, and air. A fire attuned mage can conjure flame out of nothing, while a water attuned mage can freeze water and form them into spears to launch at an enemy. An earth mage can form great shields with the earth around him whereas an air mage can soar over the lands by manipulating the air currents.

The other elements, the karmic elements, are void and lumi, dark and light. The magic from void and lumi are unique to a mage and cannot easily be utilized.

But regardless of the nature of magic, the two adventurers had journeyed through the Set’sun desert and are at most only an hour away from arriving at Aquelia. But one of two mages was not happy at all.

“Noel, are we almost there?” the shorter one complained loudly, despite her companion being right next to her.

“Yes, Laylah, we are almost there. You have asked me this same question not even five minutes ago,” Noel replied back, trying his hardest not to sound annoyed at his partner.

Laylah Anrah, the first child of the renowned water mage Anrah family, would be considered by all to be beautiful, almost a doll. Short, and with a beautiful face, she would be courted by many. What drives many suitors away is her brash and temperamental personality.

The only person as of date to be willing to withstand Laylah is her traveling partner and servant, Noel.

Noel has no surname. He was found with no memories of his past by Laylah. As thanks for saving him, and because he had no place to return to, he became the vassal of Laylah, accompanying her on trips across the world. Of course, this also means that he has built a tolerance to the endless complaining.

“Why did we not just take a sand glider?” she asked.

“Because you spent most of the money the princess gave us on food at last inn,” he retorted, getting slightly more irritated with each passing question. “Speaking of which, where does all that food go? You’re tiny and you don’t ever seem to gain any weight—”

“You are going to silence yourself right now, before I silence you myself.” She glared at him out of the corner of her right eye, a dazzling sky blue.


“Excellent. Now let us hurry, I want to sleep already.”

*sigh*”Yes ma’am…”

Laylah started walking a tad faster, her long brown hair flowing gracefully behind her.

Noel followed suit, trying to keep up with the young noblewoman’s enthusiasm of finding an inn.

The two hiked faster until Laylah reached the top of the dune when she unexpectedly halted.

“Did something happen?” Noel asked.

“No, but I believe that is Aquelia I see.” Laylah pointed to the large city covered in lush green vegetation, a contrast to the tan sands of the Set’sun desert.

“Yep, that’s Aquelia,” he said. “Oh, the stories about The Spire of Saint Joan were true. It really does reach into the heavens. I can’t even see the top of it!”

“Enough sightseeing. Let us get to the city already!”

And so the two resumed their pace to the Desert Gem, ecstatic at finally reaching the destination.


Off in another dune a distance too far to notice stood a black robed man. He stood there, observing the pair as they approached the city gates.

Hmm… perhaps I should warn them… of what is to be… for it shall soon… come to pass…

He uncovered the hood from his head, only to reveal the gleam of a metal templar helmet. He stood there, stoic and unaffected neither by the harsh winds or the painful heat.

Hmm… perhaps not… perhaps they should… find the truth themselves…

It was then the Memoria Shard that he carried with him started resonating when he pointed it towards the boy. It started pulsing light while generating a low tone.

Ahh… so it is he… that I have been told… to be careful of… Perhaps he… will be one to remind me… of what it is I lost…

And so he turned his back on observing the two and slowly drifted away.

“Whoa~, this city is so beautiful~!” Laylah exclaimed, taking in the many sights of the city.

“I agree, Aquelia is amazing! I wonder how it manages to maintain this vegetation in the desert,” Noel pondered.

Noel and Laylah had arrived in Aquelia and were standing on the south end of the central plaza.

It was truly a sight to behold. The sliver silver stone bricks that made the main roads gleamed in the desert suns, reflecting onto the buildings all around. The effect made the city seem bright and lively.

An exorbitant three tiered fountain was the center piece of the plaza, it’s crystal waters flowing with a calming splash.

Vibrant grass lined the ground between the pathways. Various trees were also dotted across the plaza. From the blue leafed Thurnwood to the white barked Dovelen, there were many varieties. It was a stark contrast to the desert.

“That’s why we call it the Desert Gem,” a young lass answered. “The city was built around an everlasting spring… or at least, that’s how the legends go.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is…” Noel said.

“Yep, that’s how it is. By the way, my name is Alyis. Nice to meet you!” the lass said cheerfully, extending her hand. She had long brown hair, similar to Laylah’s, tied into two braids. Two green eyes showed beneath her round glasses.

Noel shook her hand. “I’m Noel and that excitable girl over by the food stalls is my partner, Laylah.”

“Partner you say? Does that mean you two are married?” she asked innocently.

“N-no! I’m just simply her, uhh, vas-vassal! Her vassal,” Noel stammered a reply. The question had caught him off guard and he could feel his face turning a light red at embarrassment.

“Eh~? Is that so? So you does that mean you don’t like her or anything?” she asked teasingly.

“I’m feeling uncomfortable answering these questions…”

“Fair enough. Anyways, would you like me to show you and uhh, what was her name?”


“Laylah, right. Would you like me to show you two around?” she offered.

“Thanks for the kind offer, but I think both of us would like to take a rest. We did just arrive after all,” he answer.

“Hmm, well then, how about I show you a good place,” she suggested. “It’s right next to my shop. C’mon, it’s a nice inn.”

“NOEL! Are you flirting with another woman again?” Laylah stormed up to him with an unhappy scowl on her face. Her heterochromatic eyes bore into him, making him feel very uneasy.

“N-no, I’m simply talking to Alyis. She’s offered to show us an inn we could stay at,” Noel shakingly replied. No matter how many times Noel has withstood Laylah’s anger, he would never get used to it.

Laylah eyed the proclaimed shopkeeper Alyis, taking note of every feature of hers. She was taller than Laylah, and had a body much better than her own. Seeing Noel talk to Alyis did not make Laylah happy. It just filled her with unexplained jealousy. It was not as if she liked Noel, she did not like to see him talking to other women. After all, she saved him, and Alyis did not.

Meanwhile, Alyis was having a hard time understanding the relationship between Laylah and Noel. The black haired boy said that there was no relationship between each other but the short girl was giving signs that they did have a relationship. It was confusing. Alyis was not even attempting to flirt with Noel. She just wanted to be friendly… and perhaps get another customer to purchase wares from her shop.

But regardless, she would love it if the girl in front of her would stop staring at each part of her body. It started making her feel uncomfortable. She chose to not say anything, in fear of angering her anymore than she already is. Short tempered people tend to be the ones that it would be best left alone until they were satisfied.

“Eh… perhaps I should take my leave. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of you lovebirds. If you ever want to find me or my shop, I’m in the Third District. Later!” And with that, Alyis turned around and started walking in the direction of the Second District, waving to the two as she left.

*sigh* Noel was feeling dejected, having met a kind and friendly person in this new town, only for her to leave. He could not stay mad though, for this happens every time he meets another of the opposite sex.

“Laylah… was that really necessary?” he said to the smug faced girl.

“Yes. Yes, it was. Now come on, she’s gone. Let’s go find that inn already.”

“Fine, fine…”

The two found the street leading towards the Third District and went on their merry way.

Interesting… He is… the one… after all…

I hope… he will not disappoint…

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