Alys – 2

7:45 AM

Now that Alys had (hopefully) awoken her master, it was time to move onto the next part of morning routine.

She navigated the corridors of the large house. The decor was simple, and with large windows along the walls that gave view to an expansive courtyard.

Alys paused for a moment to let the sunlight bask on her. The sun shone on her long violet hair and her fair complexion. Though she was not human, she still enjoyed the feeling of warmth of the sun on her.

She looked in front of her, and behind her, and above her, and to her sides to make sure no one was around. After confirmed that no one was, she let out a long sigh and closed her eyes.

“Ah… this is nice.” She sounded serene. This was one of the few moments of the day when Alys could relax and, however briefly, ignore the day to day chaos that was her duty as head maid.

But her responsibilities could not be ignored for too long, so she left the embrace of the sun, and continued on her walk.

Alys - 1
Alys - 3

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