Alys – 4

8:00 AM

After helping Yura change her clothes, Alys moved the wheelchair out of the room and into the hall.

“It’s so pretty outside…” the young girl quipped as they walked.

“Indeed, madam,” the android replied.

“Alys, you know you don’t need to call me that.”

“Indeed, but it is only proper that I do.” As the head maid of the household, Alys has a standard she must maintain, including the proper addressing of the building’s occupants.

“Ehhh. That’s no fun. Aren’t we close enough that you can just call me Yura?” The girl was not happy with Alys’s reply.

*sigh* “You know I should not be doing so.”

“But-” Yura started. Then, Alys interrupted her before you she could finish.

“But, I will make an exception on your next birthday,” Alys said.

A smile appeared on Yura’s face, and she excited bounced in her chair. In fact, she was bouncing so much, she fell off, landing face first into the floor.

As Alys picked her up, she saw that Yura was still smiling, and not at all bothered by the pain of falling.

“My, my…” she whispered, with the faintest grin on her face.

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