Alys – 6

8:35 AM

The master and Yura had completed their meal, and so Alys began cleaning the table of dishes.

Yura, as always, had finished her meal completely, with no scraps on her plate. Her area of the table was also quite clean. No food bits had dirtied the oaken table.

The master, on the other hand, was quite the picky eater. Pieces of his breakfast had managed to escape his mouth and land on the table. Some food even remained on his face that had missed his mouth.

Alys took a napkin and wiped the food off the master’s face.

“Will you ever learn to eat properly? You’re setting a poor example for Madam Yura,” she remarked.

“Oh it’s fine,” the master replied, “You’ve taught her to not make a mess. Besides, my messiness is one of defining character traits.”

“I think it’s a trait I need to purge from you. Shall I prepare a lesson on manners?” she said with a dry smile.

The master could detect an aura around Alys that said “You better shape up or punishment is in store.”

He fearfully shook his head and said, “N-no, that won’t be necessary. Anyways, I’ve got my work to get back too.” He got up and kissed Yura on the forehead. “Be a good girl and don’t give Alys too much trouble, ya hear?”

Yura smiled and kissed her father on the forehead in return. “If anything, Papa, I’m more concerned about how much trouble you give Alys.”

The master gave a hearty laugh, then left for his work.

Alys could only sigh.

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