Alys – 8

11:20 A.M.

The flowers glistened under the daytime sun. Alys had tended to the garden with the utmost care, watering flowers, and purging the weeds. But now her clothes were filthy, and needed to be cleaned. Conveniently, the Master had ordered a shower constructed in the gardens when the estate was built, and so Alys headed there..

Alys, like most androids, did not need to shower. There were risks, such as the humidity short circuiting their internal mechanisms. It was also inconvenient, slathering oneself in water and soap when their charging docks could clean them just as well, if not better, as they slept.

But Alys, unlike most android, found the feeling of water flowing over her synthetic skin relaxing. She could feel each droplet massaging against her sensors.

For Alys, showers were some of the few times in the day when she could relax before she had to resume her maidly duties. And so, she relished every second of it.

Alys - 7
Alys - 9

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