One of my reasons for writing this was because I wanted to try writing something about what would seem to be utterly mundane, a day in the life of a people. It is, in the truest sense, a slice of life story. It isn’t the most exciting story, and may bore some, but I hope that you will enjoy it regardless.

Clockwork Memoria takes place sometime in the near future when androids have become common place. They behave like humans, and are almost indistinguishable from them. Each arc follows a day in the life of one of these androids and the people who interact with them.

The first arc follows the android Alys, a stoic maid who looks after her Master and his daughter, Yura.

Art by Kuki

Alys – 10

12:30 P.M.

Half an hour after leaving the estate, the duo arrived at Saint-Lusan. As a beautiful coastal town with a modest population, the streets were alive with the locals who live there and the tourists who come for an oceanside escape.

With the noon Sun basking them in its warmth, Alys and Roy made their way through the bustling streets and to the seaside, where the lively markets were located. A large array of stalls were to be had, selling goods both domestic and from abroad.

Alys found the stall she was looking for.

“Oye, welcome back Alys! It feels like it was only yesterday that you visited my humble shop.” The rotund and jolly shopkeeper greeted Alys.

“Boris, I was here yesterday, you oaf,” Alys greeted back.

“Bwahaha! Of course you were!” Boris gave a hearty laugh, and Alys smiled in return. “Making dinner for the family again I assume?”

“I come to your stall nearly everyday getting ingredients. What could possibly lead you to that conclusion?”

The two bantered back and forth like this for a bit longer, like old friends who’ve known each other for a long time. Roy could only stand there, both confused and amazed that an android and a human could have such a conversation.

“Regardless, I would like to purchase these items if you have them,” said Alys. She pulled a piece of parchment from her purse and handed it over.

Boris looked it over, promptly gave it right back, then dug around in the wooden boxes behind him for a bit. Soon, he turned back around and offered Alys a sizable box, who then motioned to Roy to carry it.

Roy looked inside and saw a colorful assortment of what looked to be vegetables and fruit, as well as some plastic wrapped fish. None of them were familiar to Roy, so they must have been quite expensive.

“Thank you again, Boris,” Alys said as she handed the shopkeep some cash.

“Aye, my pleasure, Alys. I presume you’ll be back again tomorrow?”

“Assuming you are still in business.”

Boris gave a hearty laugh as Alys and Roy began walking back to the estate.

Alys – 9

11:45 A.M.

Now refreshed and cleaned, Alys dressed herself into a new uniform, and proceeded back into the mansion. At this time, Lady Yura would be studying under one of her many tutors, while the Master would be holed up in his lab. While nothing out of the ordinary, it did leave Alys yearning for some time with either of them.

Regardless, it was not the time for such thoughts, and it was the time to begin her next task. As was tradition in the household, Alys would be preparing dinner. And to prepare dinner, she needed fresh ingredients. She would not settle for anything less than fresh, especially for Lady Yura.

Alys used to wonder why she was tasked with preparing dinner on a daily basis. After all, there were many other androids in the house who could prepare meals much better than she could. She was, after all, an android programed to specialize in housework and managing the other servants. Ila was a much better cook than her.

But the Master was insistent that she be the one to prepare dinners, and so she did. She even began to find joy in the task, and she eventually realized there was a reason for this duty.

Of course, Alys was not with limitless strength, despite being an android, and so she called upon another of the servants, a recently hired boy by the name of Roy to accompany her in her trip into town. A strong boy, he would be able to carry whatever Alys asked him to, or at least she hoped.

And so, the two went off into town.