Alys – 5

8:15 AM

Alys took Yura to the dining room and sat her next to it. No one else was in the room yet, which meant that her master was either on his way down or he went back to sleep. Alys hoped it was the former… for his sake.

She then left the dining room and went to the kitchen, where she found a white haired lass a tad shorter than her cooking at one of the ranges. The lass was humming some tune that Alys did not recognize. The cook did not seem to notice Alys.

“Good morning, Ila. Are the masters’ meals almost ready?”

“Hmm? Ah, yes. They’re almost done. Today I’ve got some a western style breakfast with eggs and bacon~.” Ila’s voice was high and playful. Alys thought thought she sounded like what Yura would in a few years.

“Very well, please bring it out as soon as it is ready.”


With that Alys left the kitchen, and walked back into the dining hall.

Alys - 4
Alys - 6

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